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Hiking : Enjoy the great outdoors

Arches National Park

When the weather is nice, my kids and I enjoy hiking the various trails offered in the beautiful state of Utah. Most often, we hike the areas within the Salt Lake Vally. But on special occations we have camped and hiked in areas outside of the vally. On one occasion, my younger sister, my younger brother, my kids and I camped in Moab and took trips into Arches National park. The weather was just warm enough, and the sites beautiful.

Donut Falls

Another memerable hike was when the kids and I went up Big Cottonwood Canyon to hike up to Donut Falls. It was a great hike because it had a lot of variety and a fun section that involved minor rock climbing in order to get close to the falls. It was just hard enough for the kids, while remaining entertaining enough for them to keep going.

Here is a table containing Utah hiking spots with some statistics:

Summit Name Elevation (ft) Prominence (ft) County Latitude Longitude
Kings Peak 13,528 6,348 Duchesne (Highest Point) 40.776327°N 110.372933°W
Mt. Peale 12,721 6,161 San Juan (Highest Point) 38.438561°N 109.229179°W
Mount Ellen 11,522 5,842 Garfield (Highest Point) 38.108934°N 110.813589°W
Deseret Peak 11,531 5,811 Tooele (Highest Point) 40.459494°N 112.626393°W
Mt. Nebo 11,928 5,488 Utah (Highest Point) 39.821857°N 111.760272°W
Flat Top Mountain 10,620 5,370 Utah 40.372437°N 112.188838°W
Mt. Timpanogos 11,750 5,269 Utah 40.390858°N 111.646082°W
Ibapah Peak 12,087 5,229 Juab (Highest Point) 40.48780°N 121.5039°W
Delano Peak 12,169 4,689 Beaver/Piute (High Pts) 38.369237°N 112.371355°W
Abajo Peak 11,360 4,550 San Juan 37.839579°N 109.462305°W